Nov. 30th, 2008


Nov. 30th, 2008 09:10 pm
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One of the things I like best about Thanksgiving is the next morning, when I have a fried-egg sandwich with leftover cranberry chutney on it. Nobody else thinks this is a good idea, but I like it. We didn't come back with any leftovers. Except for the turkey carcass. A large amount of turkey rice soup is now sitting in the fridge. OK, turkey soup. I have to keep the rice separate and add it to each serving or it will continue to absorb liquid in the fridge and turn into a tasty but unattractive rice sludge.

David's learned to roll over this past week. He flipped front to back on Monday and back to front on Thursday, and again yesterday. We're going to have to stop swaddling him at night I guess. He's also teething and his gums hurt. We had quite a shriek-fest yesterday afternoon, but he seems to be doing better now. He's discovering his vocal cords and today has exhibited a high-pitched squeal he uses when he's happy. I'm glad he's happy, but that squeal is painful to listen to up close.

Christmas decorations went up today. Haven't even got the house all put together yet. Still a few crates of misc. that haven't been dealt with, and a couple pieces of new furniture that need sanding, staining and finishing. Was going to do that today, but it rained. So we put up the tree instead.


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