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Happy New Year, everyone! Today we breakfasted on the Traditional* New Year's Belgian Waffles, I cooked the Traditional* New Year's Beef Stroganoff for dinner, [ profile] kathleenroberts did the Traditional* New Year's Varnishing of the Bar, I made a feeble attempt at the Traditional* New Year's Straightening up of the Office, and we did the Traditional* New Year's Playing with the Baby whilst watching the Traditional* New Year's MythBusters Marathon.

We've now been here nearly two months. I finally have office furniture and a Linux workstation at work now. However, we have not yet had any kind of housewarming party. In fact we've seen very few people since moving out here. We saw [ profile] stormcat once right after we moved here, and she was good enough to provide us with a Bebe Pod for David to use. The Matt that I am Not recently popped by, and we briefly saw [ profile] kittenchan and [ profile] vond and Callie last week and met a few more for dinner, but that's been it. December was slammed as usual as will be next week, but we may correct that.

We were thinking the 17th might be a good day. That's the Saturday after David turns 6 months old, so it would also be a half-birthday party for him. Not that he'd appreciate it.

So is 17 January good or are other things happening then? I have kept track of little in the way of social events lately, due to our limited ability to participate.

Better for me to ask:
Who would come on that day?
Who would come on a different day?

Other details:
We are in Columbia, MD.
Some sort of food will be provided. We might do a potluck. We'll figure it out.
Party would probably be in the afternoon rather than the evening.
However, we have crash space if anyone wants to crash (guest room w/ queen, den w/ queen sleeper sofa, stupid amounts of floor space elsewhere).

* Denotes traditions started this year.
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