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Feb. 5th, 2007 02:24 pm
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I am finally ready to resume work with my 3D parallelized convection code. I had an account set up on the UCSC Beowulf cluster in July for this purpose. I have never used the account except to change the password. I have now forgotten said password. Anticipating that this might happen, I had written the password down and kept it in a "safe place". I have forgotten where this "safe place" is. Bravo. This could only be done by me. I sent off a request to the sysadmin, but until either he gets back to me or I find my undisclosed location, I can make no progress. This might be a good opportunity to do another chapter in the O'Reilly book. Or to drive a six-inch railroad spike through my head. Because it is apparently unoccupied by brains, perhaps I could use the inside of my head for storage of hard copies of important information.


I've got my password reset, and put in a safe, but more obvious (to me) place. Now I just have the fun of getting the code to run on a new (to me) cluster, with a different compiler, visualization software, management scripts, etc. I got it to compile, although that required a bit of tweaking. Apparently strtok and strstr are not defined in strings.h. I switched it to string.h and hope that change won't cause other problems. It's now a mystery to me why it worked on the old cluster. Had I actually written this part of it, I might understand it better.


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