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I stepped on something in front of the house a few nights ago, but could never make out what it was, given that it was dark out. I'd assumed it was just a leaf, but when I put my foot down it went "crunch" and then "squish". And the crunch wasn't a leafy crackle, it was much louder. I thoroughly cleaned my shoe in case I'd stepped on a roach or something. I've heard that is a common method of getting roaches into a house: stepping on one, bursting the egg-sac and tracking the eggs in. We definitely don't want that. We have enough problems with ants at the moment. They seem to keep getting into the master bathroom of all places. I assume they're after water, but there's plenty of that outside. We don't really know how they get in since we never see them anywhere else and there are no obvious cracks or holes anywhere. We'll spray and they'll go away but a couple weeks later we'll spot one.

Tuesday, I finally spotted the wily banana slug on campus, the noble mascot of UC Santa Cruz. I nearly stepped on it too, since it looked like a rolled up yellow leaf until I looked more closely. I should just avoid leaves. My boss and I were on the way to acquire coffee when this happened. He mentioned that if you lick one, you get a tingling sensation. I did not ask why he knows this. Then again, this is Santa Cruz, the city that makes Boulder seem like a drug free zone. Putting 2 and 2 together, I realized that the other night I must have stepped on a snail. Someone imported a bunch of escargot snails, they got out and generally wreak havotc on the local ecosystem. There's dozens (or "tens" if you prefer) of them in the garden, especially on the lemon tree right by the front door. The shell would go crunch, the "body" would go "squish" when stepped on.

Speaking of molluscs, this Saturday is the Santa Cruz Clam Chowdah cookoff. Might go to that if we can find parking by the wharf. Especially in light of the fact that we missed the Capitola Wine and Crab Tasting because I didn't find out about it until a month after the fact. [ profile] kathleenroberts is displeased because those are two of her favorite foodstuffs. However, we have another thing to do on Saturdays now. I finally found the Anime club on campus. I tried to find it when I first got here, but no luck. No flyers (until last week), no contacts posted, and the website was three years out of date.

Icarus finally returned the reviews of the revised paper. They are asking for further minor revisons, but it looks like it's going to be accepted and not sent out for more review. I think. The decision is "Further Minor Revise" with no indication of status otherwise, but both reviews are favorable, and the revisions are not substantial. I may be able to get that resubmitted tomorrow. I am so ready to be done with this paper. I'm coming up on the first anniversary of its initial submission to Nature next week.

Posting from the office this time, since I never seem to remember when I get home.


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