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will be forthcoming. Spent so long catching up on others' LJ postings, that I'm not making a big one tonight.

Technicon as always was largely positive, though in some ways I feel like I missed the con I was at. I spent roughly half the time in the Vile LARP and the other half writing the Vile Skit. And I averaged about 5 hours of sleep a night for this particular trip. I ought to write more know before I forget, but I need to go to bed, so it'll have to wait.

And what is it with us and trips and dead batteries? When I tried to go to work this morning, my car wouldn't start. Not even a click. I then observed the map light switch in the "on" position, which makes no sense since I keep it "off". Not "Door", but "off". I've killed a battery before because the seatbelt caught in the door once when I closed it, and it wasn't closed "enough" for the light to turn off. This is exactly the same thing that happened to the Prius when we returned from the Holidays. There must be map light fairies that flip the switch on our vehicles when we don't use them for a few days. Called AAA and we were able to jump it with no problems. Drove it to work, but struggled to restart it this evening on the way home. It did, and I got home, and it started again just fine then.

Anyway, more on the con tomorrow hopefully.


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