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Got a call from Best Buy yesterday, saying that my laptop was fixed. Right when they said it would be. They said 2-3 weeks and it had been 17 days. The DVD/CD drive was not working when I took it in. Evidently there was a bad connection, they cleaned and re-seated it and burned a CD to test it. I took in a DVD to test it before I brought it back. It played, and I was able to access the test CD that they wrote, so I took it home.

Attempted to burn a DVD as soon as I got it home and got the same problem as before. Got almost to the end, started making odd noises, and churned out a coaster. Tried the CD again, was able to write to it. Tried another DVD. Another coaster. After that it wouldn't read any disk. So I can only guess that the DVD burning is so vigorous that it causes the connection to break. It will work fine if you never use it. The tray seems awfully loose when it's open as well.

So it's going back in again tomorrow. I think the drive needs to be replaced, not reseated, but I don't know how easy it will be to convince them of this. I just hope we won't be playing this game until the warranty expires. It was nice to have it home for a couple days.


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