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Saturday [ profile] kathleenroberts and I went to the Swank Farm's corn maze in Hollister. I thought this one was not as good as the one in Erie, CO, but it was much better maintained. The corn (sweet-corn, not feed-corn) was still alive and green at this one and dense enough that you couldn't see through it. They give you a map, which I sort of think is cheating, but eh why not. The labyrinths were less impressive since there's only one path through those and nothing to look at but corn. We're contemplating going back at night when it's haunted. And also cooler. It was 90 in Hollister this weekend. And I need to get a new pumpkin. The perfect one I found was not so perfect as it's started to rot.

Sunday we met my parents went to San Francisco. We spent the afternoon in Japantown, had lunch at a noodle shop called Mifune, and my parents bought us our birthday presents. We got a new sake set and some bento boxes. Kate got a new haori as well. The folks were staying at the Queen Anne Hotel on Sutter St. It was described as Rococo. A less charitable description would also be "gaudy". My aunt and uncle came down from Guerneville and my cousin came over from Oakland and we went to The Slanted Door near the ferry for dinner. Cuisine is sort of Vietnamese-French-Californian. Note: The door is not actually slanted. Unless you've had several of their Ginger Limeades (kaffir lime vodka, ginger, and lime juice). Very strong on the lime.

When you go out to dinner with the Hirsch family, you don't order a meal. The table orders several meals and the plates fly around the table at a very high rate of speed. I grew up with this, but if you marry into the family it can take some getting used to. We had four kinds of spring rolls, manila clams with pork belly (mmm pork fat), daikion rice cakes and green papaya salad. And those were just the appetizers. Then we had the Shaking Beef (hunks o' tenderloin), duck, prawns, crab noodles, scallops, haricots verts, rapini, baby spinach, and rice. I had most of a warm chocolate pudding for dessert (along bits of others' pain perdu and figs). Hope I didn't forget anything. Definitely overdid it. Looks like it's whole grains and leafy greens from here on out.

Today was not so good. Just been irritated for no good reason. Purchasing gasoline this morning was more difficult than it ought to have been.

But I'm really glad I get on so well with my family (and extended family).


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