May. 19th, 2007 10:09 am
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Laptop had to go in for service. After I got the printer last week, I finally got around to getting file and print sharing set up so we could print from the laptop from downstairs. I'd been procrastinating because file sharing has always been a pain whenever I tried it before, but I had no problems. Also we wanted burn files from the desktop onto DVDs using the DVD writer on the laptop. The desktop machine has no DVD writer.

Well, we wrote 2 DVDs, made 2 coasters, bought some more disks, made 5 more coasters. I confirmed that it was able to read disks, both store-bought and previously burned data. So we bought MORE disks of the brand that were successful before, and made 2 more coasters. Then I tried to see if it could even write a CD. No. It wouldn't even recognize a disk in the drive. Even ones that were fine the night before and play on other things. In 2 days the drive went from perfect to completely dead.

So I had to take it in for service. A broken DVD-writer is annoying, but when I can't even read the OS disk, it needs to be fixed. Of course since it's a laptop, the whole thing has to go in. The network was useful for backing up data onto the other machine. This was also a unique customer service experience. I'd bought the machine at Best Buy along with their service plan. I took it in to the local Best Buy, told the Geek Squad guy the problem and he believed me. And made no attempt to deny me service under the plan. Of course the jury's still out until I get it back and see if it works; it's going to be a couple of weeks.


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