May. 10th, 2007 10:40 pm
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Um, let's see. Had a blast this weekend. Went up to Sonoma County last weekend. Stayed at my aunt and uncle's place in Guerneville, and my grandmother and her husband (my stepgrandfather I guess you'd say, but that term never sounds quite right. I call him Harvey, for that is his name) came over for dinner. Did I mention that my aunt used to be a professional cook and my uncle is the regional manager for Whole Foods? We brought them up a flat of local strawberries, picked about two miles from our house. They were well received. Apparently the ones up there are far inferior at the moment. My point is, we ate well that night.

Sunday we met up with [ profile] cblack and [ profile] jonny_law in Sonoma to visit some wineries around the Glen Ellen, and Napa areas. We also did some chocolate and cheese tastings. Apparently [ profile] cblack knows where to find everything within a 100 mile radius of San Jose. We got us a slab of cheese, some truffles (we brought along a cooler for that), a bottle of port and a late-harvest Reisling. I'm not usually a big fan of dessert wines, but [ profile] kathleenroberts is. It was a fun trip, but it appears I prefer the wineries of northern Sonoma County (say Healdsburg, Santa Rosa) better than those of Napa. But there's no reason we can't do that again, we live close enough.

Abstract is due next week for a meeting on icy satellites. The meeting is in Boulder in August, so I may get to see some of the Boulderites if you're around. I should have enough results for the abstract, though I wouldn't relish giving a presentation on it just now. It's still awfully rough, and there are some things I don't understand. Have to check some things to make sure I didn't frak anything up and the results are real. If you've never been to LPSC, you might say that an abstract's no big deal, but LPI style abstracts are things that would be called "articles" in Nature or Science. They're two pages long and have figures and references. People actually cite them. My point is, that you've actually got to say something in them. But at least this helps you avoid the situation of submitting an abstract, and failing to get the results before the meeting.

I feel kind of bad that I've been neglecting the Wii, when there are still others who can't get hold of one. Haven't really played it since I beat Twilight Princess, because when I do have time to play videogames, I tend to play the DS because that's easy to do in short bits. I got FFXII for the PS2 like two months ago and haven't even touched it yet.


Mar. 14th, 2007 09:15 pm
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My talk went much better than I expected and was very well received. I was rather surprised. I was just thrilled to be able to give it at all, since we had quite some thunderstorms today. I was afraid we'd lose power. At least I finished before the HAIL started. One of the later talks in the session was punctuated by thunderclaps. "God does not approve of your crater relaxation model." Francis tried to ask a question of the speaker after that one and she could not hear him despite the fact that he was shouting into a microphone. That's how loud the hail was. No useful sessions in the morning, so I can sleep in. Yay.
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I'd best post my summary of the AGU (American Geophyscial Union) meeting before I forget too much.

It was a good meeting, but ill-timed. I'd just come there direct from a three-day workshop on Early Planetary Differentiation, so by the time the meeting started my brain was already full.

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So the meetings were good, but too long. I had 8 straight days of conferences and was essentially working for 12 days straight. And LPSC abstracts are due in three weeks. I have a little work left to do before that's ready and I'll be gone all next week. I can do some work remotely, but not very productively. I took the weekend off because I needed to, whether or not it was a good idea. I needed a break. I played Twilight Princess, got my hair cut, finished X-mas shopping, macerated dried fruit for cake and made latkes matzo-ball soup with never-ending leftover Turkey. This is the last of the thigh meat.

The fruitcakes may not work. I use AB's recipe, but I add extra rum for the maceration, then add extra cider when I cook the fruit, and strain some of the liquid out to make a sauce before adding in the dry goods. I did not however, write this step down anywhere. [ profile] kathleenroberts is home sick today (I think the latkes provided more grease than she's accustomed to eating lately). She went to bake the cakes for me, but of course never knew about my modification. As a result, the batter's too thin. There's an extra pint of rum in there. We're going to bake them anyway to see what happens. The batter's in the pans already. Can't hurt to try. If it doesn't work, there's still plenty of rum left. We'll just have to get some more fruit.

Most of the work that needs to be done is for the CPU, not for me. I basically wrote this huge entry in spurts over the course of four hours at work while the shorter calcs were running. The rest will be longer (half a day each), and I'll be revising the Icarus paper while that's happening.
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Yay. I finally heard back from Icarus, and they will publish my Mars Polar Wander paper. Well, pending some revisions the reveiwers asked for, but it doesn't look like anything I can't handle. Having read the reviews I now understand why I had so much trouble before. I really needed to explain things a lot more than I had. The original paper was necessarily short in order to be an acceptable length for Nature, but it seems it's very easy for people to draw wrong conclusions and misinterpret what I was saying. Most of the comments I received were requests for elaboration on various topics.

I'm in Rohnert Park right now at the Early Planetary Differentiation workshop before AGU. It's been mostly good. The community here is split between geochemists and geophysicist (with the occasional "other" thrown in). My colleagues and I have been understanding all the physics-based talks and almost nothing about the chemistry-related ones. There have been a few good chem talks, but I'm sick of isotope fractionation at this point. I imagine the geochemists feel the same way about the dyanamical talks. I've noticed the physicists are much better at sticking to their allotted time than the chemists.

My boss wins Stephen Colbert's Big Brass Balls award. After his talk, the questions devolved into an argument between geochemists about the interpretation of the Hf-W fractionation, and eventually he said "I'm sure this is all very interesting . . . to geochemists." to a room full of them.

Hal Levison and Kevin Zahnle are each a riot by themselves. Get them together for even more fun.

I observed that the handicapped stall in the Men's room at the conference center is bigger than my office.

Went to a nice Malaysian restaurant in Santa Rosa for dinner today. It was (to me) indistinguishable from Indian cuisine. Found out that other planetary scientists read "Cook's Illustrated" as well.

Should probably sleep now. Decided not to get up in time for the first few talks tomorrow; more isotope stuff. I'll save my brain for the more interesting stuff later on. Off to AGU in San Francisco tomorrow. Don't know how I'll survive that; my brain is already full.


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